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Find your Perfect Fifth Wheel

The FIND YOUR PERFECT FIFTH WHEEL web page is designed to help you choose a fifth wheel that will best fit your needs and uses. By narrowing your search down by criteria including tow rating of the tow vehicle, sleeping capacity, floor plan layout and more, you can easily find a Fifth Wheel perfect for you and your needs! As you scroll down the page please read the information provided to you about the criteria and then follow the arrow to enter the correct criteria on the right side of the page. When you have entered all the criteria, just click on the FIND MY PERFECT FIFTH WHEEL button and your results will be displayed.


When choosing an RV there a few factors to keep in mind….
First is the Tow Rating of your vehicle. The Tow Rating of you vehicle will allow you to choose an RV in the proper weight for what your vehicle is capable of towing. As a guideline you should choose an RV that has an UVW of approximately 80% of the tow rating of your vehicle. This will give you a room for loading the RV with supplies, fresh water, etc.

Example: If you can tow 15,000 lbs, you should look at an RV around the 12,000 lbs. or less UVW.

15,000 x 80% = 12,000 lbs.

nloaded Vehicle Weight Button 1_0
The weight of a vehicle as built at the factory with full fuel, engine (generator) oil and coolants. It does not include cargo, fresh water, LP gas, occupants or dealer installed accessories. 

Click Here to learn more about Towing Weights

Floor Plans

The Second thing that you should look at is the type of floor plan. There are a couple things to look at here. First in what you want in the Rear Section of the RV. You can have a Rear Kitchen, Rear Living Room, Bunkhouse or Toy Hauler. Also the type of main bathroom you would like to have: Open, Walk-Through, or Enclosed (Side-Aisle or Reverse Side Aisle). When determining whether you need or want a Bunkhouse you need to look at the sleeping capacity. Standard RVs sleeps 4 to 6 people, Bunkhouse models sleep 6 to 10+ depending on the number of bunks.
Rear Kitchen | Click to Enlarge  Rear Kitchen
The Kitchen is at the Rear of the unit and living room is in the middle. Here is an example floor plan:
Toy Hauler | Click to Enlarge
Toy Hauler
A toy hauler fifth wheel, has garage area for hauling toys (motorcycles, atvs, etc.).  Click here to learn more…
Rear Living | Click to Enlarge  Rear Living
The Living is at the Rear of the Unit and the Kitchen is in the Middle. Some Mid Kitchen Units have Islands or L shaped Counter to separate the kitchen a little and give more counter space
Bunkhouse | Click to Enlarge  Bunkhouse
The Bunkhouse models can rear bunks, some have a second half bath.

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Standard RV Bath | Click to Enlarge Standard Bath
This means that the shower/tub is in the master bedroom, along with the bathroom sink, and there is a private closet for the toilet.
Walk-through RV Bath | Click to Enlarge Walk-Through Bath
This mean you have to Walk-Through the bathroom to get to the Master Bedroom, but there are either doors or curtains on both side or the bathroom that separate it from the master bedroom as well as the rest of the unit.

Enclosed RV Bath | Click to Enlarge
Enclosed Bath
A Side Aisle or Reverse Side Aisle Bath means that the bathroom is a separate room completely from the master bedroom and it on one side or the other of the RV, with a hallway leading to the Front Bedroom. These more resemble the bathroom that you would have in a house.

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Sleeping Capacity

Sleeping Capacity
The Number of persons the manufacturer states the unit will sleep. For Example if the unit has a booth dinette, sleeper sofa, and front queen bed the unit will state that it sleeps 6: Booth Dinette (2); Sleeper Sofa (2); Front Queen Bed (2). Some Bunkhouses have double sized bunks on the bottom and singles on the top, or both could be singles. So in a bunk house if it has one set of Rear Single Bunks, Booth Dinette, Sleeper Sofa, and Front Queen bed the unit would sleep 8: (1) Top Bunk; (1) Bottom Bunk; (2) Booth Dinette; (2) Sleeper Sofa; and (2) Front Queen Bed. Button 1_0

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